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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do  I create a new account?  
-Click on "Log In" at the top right corner of the home page.  
-Fill in the New Customer Primary Contact information using the parent/guardian's info and click "Create New Account".  
- Continue filling in the information for the account.
- Add your participants (players) and their information.
-Choose from the available programs that fit your player's age, and insert all the information.
-Complete the checkout process and enter your credit card information. 

2.  How can I register my player(s) if I already have an account?

-Click on "Log In" at the top right corner of the home page.  
-Log into your account using the user name and password that you have already established.
-Choose from the available programs that fit your player's age, and insert all the information.
-Complete the checkout process and enter your credit card information. 

3.  How do I pay for registration?
You can pay by credit card. (Visa & MasterCard only.  Sorry, no American Express.)

4.  What if I am having financial difficulty - is there help?
We have funding in place through generous parents who will sponsor players that are having financial difficulty.  We can assist for both full and partial costs for recreational players.  All requests are kept strictly confidential. Requests are part of the registration process. Just choose "Full" or "Partial" when asked, and be sure to fill in the reason that you are requesting assistance in order to determine eligibility.  

5.  I started to register my player(s) and now I can't finish registering them.  My choice is no longer visible.  
Usually when this happens it is in your shopping cart.  Log into your account, and check your cart.  If it is not there, contact the Registrar - [email protected] .

6.  Can I volunteer without having a player?
Absolutely!  We LOVE our volunteers!  You can choose your area to assist under the "Registration" tab near the bottom. The cconcession Stand is scheduled through  More information is given close to the start of the season. 

7.  I registered my player for Non-Travel, but now they want to travel (or vice versa.)  How can I change them?  
Notify the registrar ( [email protected] ) to transfer them to the correct division.  Pricing differences between non-travel and travel registrations may cause a balance on your account.  Please log into your account and pay any difference right away so we can proceed with your registration.  If you will have a credit (if moving from travel to non-travel), we will issue a refund to you.

8.  My player no longer wants to play.  Can I get a refund?
WYSA has a strict "No Refunds" policy.  Our fees for the state, insurances, uniforms, etc are due very early before the seasons begin. Email the Registrar ( [email protected] ) if you have unusual circumstances.  

9.  Do I need to send a birth certificate and a picture?   
Yes -  Once I have a copy of the player's birth certificate scanned in, I should not need another one.  I WILL, however,
                        need a new photo every year, as that is the requirement for the state.  Children can change quite a bit in a year.  

10.  Where do I send the birth certificate and a picture?
Pictures and birth certificates can be scanned & emailed (in .jpg) format to [email protected]
11.  When will practices start?
Spring season - late March - weather permitting.
Fall season - late August/early September.  

12.  When will I hear from the coach?
Spring season - late March.
Fall season - late August.

13.  Can I sponsor a child? 
Yes!  We always have players who need assistance.  Choose that box during the registration process, and it will add the
                        extra fee to your total during checkout.  Thank you for your help!

14.  How can my business sponsor a team/tournament?
We LOVE our sponsors!  Contact [email protected] for more information.  

15.  Why am I paying a late fee when the date on the website is still valid?
The software needs to have a "Start" and "Stop" date, otherwise every addition would need to go through several
                        approvals - which is back and forth several times with the player's account and us - which takes a LOT of extra time.  
                        This is the only way to avoid that situation.  The "Stop" date is usually a few weeks into the actual season - usually
about halfway through the season.  We have deadlines with the state, and fees that need to be paid, uniforms to order, etc, many months before the start of each season.  We have to pay extra fees ourselves for every player added after
those dates.  We must carry those fees over to those who register after the date.  The registration letter that is sent to
you before each season, (and is also posted on the website under the "Registration" tab) explains the cost breakdown
and when each fee increase will happen.  If you have difficulty due to the added fees email [email protected]

16.  Why must a new uniform be purchased every year?
We understand that children don't always outgrow their uniforms each year.  Purchasing a new uniform every
                        year is done to both keep the uniforms in good condition, and keep our jersey numbers straight.  It is very difficult to
build teams, and avoid having repeated numbers on the teams.  This is the direction that most soccer clubs take now.

17.  When are practices and games held?
- Recreational (Non-Travel) - Practices are typically 2 evenings/week.
                                  Games are usually Saturday mornings, with occasional games sometimes held through the week.
                                   We try to have them on your regular practice night if it works out, but that will depend on the teams involved.  
                        - Travel Teams - Practices are typically 2-4 evenings/week.
                                  Games for travel teams could be held on either/both Saturdays and/or Sundays.  You will get a schedule from
                                   your coach as soon as they are available.  
- Practices for the Spring season begins mid to late March depending on the weather.  The season lasts approx.
                                  8 weeks, and ends in late May/early June depending on the weather, and how early we are able to begin the
                                  season.  There are no games over Easter or Memorial Day weekends.  
- Practices for the Fall season begins mid to late August.  The season lasts approximately 8 weeks and ends in late
                                  October/early November.  

18.  What is SoccerFest?  
  SoccerFest is our opening day festivities.  It is held the Saturday a week before Labor Day every year. It is a wonderful
                        kickoff to the soccer year. Teams march onto the field and are presented during the opening of SoccerFest.  Practice
                        games are played, and team photos are taken during SoccerFest.  

19.  It says that there are no available programs for my player - what do I do now?
This means that either registration has closed, or that your player is not eligible to participate based on birth date 
                        set by the organization.  You will need to contact us to find out if registration is still available for your child.  
Note: Sometimes this will happen if the player's birth date is set incorrectly. You can check this by
                                  clicking on My Account in the upper right hand corner of the page and then clicking on Edit Player Info 
                                  next to your child's name. Please make sure your child's birth date is correct.
Also Note:
Sometimes this happens when you have items in your shopping cart. Please check there too.

20.  Where are practices and games held?
All games for non-travel players, and all home games for travel players are held at the Robert Stum Soccer Complex
                        at 11500 Country Club Rd, Waynesboro, PA  17268.  Your coach will advise you as to which field you will report to for
                        games and practices.  

21.  What if there is bad weather?
Please make sure that you get the emails from this website, and that they do not go in your spam/junk folder. 
  Most of the communication is done through this website!

In the event of inclement weather, either coaches or WYSA staff will be notifying the teams if they are canceling practice
or games for that day.
Travel games will be held in most cases, unless the referee calls the game.  
  Lightning stops all games and practices, and game/practice status is reevaluated after 20 minutes by the referee or
coach. (Everyone MUST evacuate the fields and take shelter in their car or the concession stand building.)

22.  When are the Tournaments held?
We normally hold 1 full-sided tournament each year, and 1-2 ScrimmageFests.  Keep an eye on the website for specifics
for each tournament.  

Our Ethan Barnhart Fair Play Classic tournament is held in November.  It is a great way to end your season!  
Full sided (both 8v8 and 11v11)  

23.  Does WYSA require any fund raisers?
No, we do not make you sell anything - EVER! Our Concession Stand is our fundraiser.  All families are asked to
volunteer at least 1 time in
the concession stand each season.  

24.  What does my player need to bring/purchase to play?
Non-travel players will be given a t-shirt and matching socks as their team uniform.  We recommend that they have
black shorts to complete the set.  They will also need socks to wear during practices, soccer cleats, shin guards,
and a drink (water/sports drink/etc) for practices and games.  A size 3 ball is used for U6 & U8 teams; size 4 ball
is used for all U10  & U12 teams; and size 5 for U13 and up.  
Travel players will order their own complete uniform consisting of shirt, socks and shorts. Soccer cleats and shin guards
are required for all players. A size 5 ball is used for U12 and up. Other items may be needed depending on the age
of the team. Your coach will give you further details.  

Any other questions can be directed to the Registrar at [email protected] 

Waynesboro Youth Soccer Association

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